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What's New: Best Bags For Spring

Bag trends are all over the place this season. Large carryalls are hot, yet itsy bitsy bags are hotter; and while dazzling colors are impossible to ignore, neutrals have managed to steal the show. And have we mentioned that black and white accessories are essential as well? It's enough to make any fashion follower's head spin around. But don't commit yourself to the local fashion asylum just yet. Read our runway rundown of the most meaningful trends, and decide which one is for you.

1. Coach Wristlet
Whether slung across your body or dangling from your wrist, these palm-sized prizes are little more than wallets with straps. They're perfect for lunch with the girls or for stashing in your large tote during the day, so you can use them for an after-work affair. Since white and black are the colors of the moment for clothing, sport one of these in a sumptuous color to add oomph to your ensemble. The belted detailing on this handy wristlet gives it an extra touch of style. Visit for this and many other floral delights.

2. Dooney & Bourke Large Hobo Hangbag
The theme for this season's "It" bags seems to be the bigger the better. Offered in exotic skins, bold colors and a multitude of different shapes, these carryalls truly can be used to carry it all. But there's nothing clumsy-looking or bulky about this season's new crop. They lend themselves beautifully to long skirts of the western trend, flirty new dresses and the chic Bermuda's that have made a comeback for spring. This ultra cool weekender bag in sea foam by Dooney & Bourke ($495) is now perfect for Monday through Friday as well. Make it yours by visiting

3. Hayden-Harnett Neutral Handbag
Earthy extras are resurging this season. Linen, raffia, straw and other natural fibers are all making appearances in the form of must-have handbags. The good news about this hempy trend is that it's timeless, and you won't be tempted to relegate your purchases to the back of your closet next season. Additionally, they complement a rainbow of colors ;- from the soft and subtle to the eye-popping and electric ‑- so you'll put your purchases to good use. This metallic linen clutch with leather trim by Hayden-Harnett ($235) is the key to looking naturally chic this season. Add it to your collection; visit

4. Kate Spade Black and White Canvas Bag
Although black and white have a reputation for being basic backdrop colors, this season they are breaking out as outfit enhancers. We all know that black was back for fall, and white has been right for the past few seasons, but what about combining the two for a totally new contrasting look? And don't think you have to limit yourself to wearing only your tote with black and white. Wear it with red, cobalt blue or even yellow for a smart and sophisticated look. This Kate Spade double-handle canvas bag with leather trim ($186) is the perfect go-with-everything addition to your wardrobe. Available at

5. Cynthia Rowley Straw Bag
Stop slouching. No, we aren't referring to your posture; we are talking about your handbag. Slouch is out and structured is in. Spring fashions are full of ultrafeminine silhouettes, and ladylike accessories are back in the spotlight to complement them. Buy one in a bright color to add instant personality to your flirty dresses, frilly shirts and frothy skirts. This Cynthia Rowley woven straw bag ($54.95) will make even your jeans and T-shirt look polished to perfection. It's up for grabs at

6. Cole Haan Embroidered Shoulder Bag
An arts and crafts movement has muscled its way into fashions this season, and there's no better way to embrace it than with an embroidered, crocheted or patchwork handbag. For those who shiver at the thought of all things that look handmade, rest assured that the available selection looks hip, not hippie. The elaborate detailing and intricate embellishments can be worn with everything from sharp suits to sweet dresses. This tapestry-inspired embroidered shoulder bag from Cole Haan ($275) is the perfect marriage between folksy and fabulous. Available at