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What's Hot: 2006 Spring Makeup Trends

Spring is a time for renewal, and this season's makeup is no exception. Shimmer is here to stay, but it's appearing in mostly neutral palettes that offer one or two big bursts of color. The easiest way to make this trend work for you? Try one of these winning warm-weather makeup palettes. Whether the compacts include a lip gloss and blush, a set of eye shadows or all three, we love the way the colors are put together for us, making it a snap to create just the right look for any occasion.

1. Chantecaille Garden in Kyoto Palette
This palette is so gorgeous that we hesitated before touching it with a brush. Inspired by Japanese gardens, the eye shadow and blush in Chantecaille's Garden in Kyoto Palettes are molded into a bold butterfly. Using a medium-sized brush, mix the brown and gold butterfly with its mint green backdrop for a soft, pretty eye-brightening color. Combine the rose blush with the bright pink in the butterfly for cheeks. And the Dragon Fruit Lip Gloss will give lips just the right shine. But what we love most about this compact is that Chantecaille is donating a portion of its sales to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation.

2. Givenchy Prismissime
Why is it that models and movie stars always seem to have that perfect, dewy glow? They make it seem completely natural, yet you know there is makeup involved. Still, when you try it, you end up with a stack of products that have done nothing but give you a cakey-foundation look. Enter Givenchy's Prismissime compact. The company calls it the "ultimate radiance palette" for good reason. Strange as it sounds, when your makeup brush sweeps over these nine small squares of pastel shades, the powder that ends up on your face is translucent with just enough color to make all skin tones glow. For this effortless sheer makeup look, all you have to do is swirl your blush brush around the entire palette in a sweeping, circular motion.

3. Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc
We like things that are uncomplicated, so while Laura Mercier's Shimmer Bloc isn't a makeup palette per se, we had to include it because this makeup can be used in a number of ways. Part of a new collection called Sheer Madness, Mercier's mosaic of four pink hues gives your skin a natural-looking flush in one sweep. It has a slight pearl tint that won't leave you with the frosty-metallic shine than many blushes do. Running late? Powder over your face and eyelids, dab on a light lip gloss and no one will know you didn't have time for your morning makeup routine. And if you're out on a warm night and your shoulders are bare, apply a light brush of the shimmery makeup to your shoulders.

4. Lancôme Colour Focus Palette 4 Ombres
If you're a true makeup diva, you'll adore Lancôme's new color palette because it gives you choices. This palette based on pink and violet offers neutral shimmery pink and white eye shadows as well as two shades of purple. Go on, try it. We dare you.

5. Estée Lauder Graphic Color EyeShadow Quad
Spring break, here we come! Okay, even if a week on a Mediterranean island isn't in your future, you can still look as if you've been to one with Estée Lauder's Graphic Color EyeShadow compact. The company says the coral, brown and ivory colors were inspired by the look of handcrafted island accessories. In a sea of spring pastels, we love these bolder shades. They perfectly complement the season's nude and neutral lip stains. Apply the lighter coral shade on your lids to the brow line and add the dark brown to your creases - a great island look, even if you're sitting in an office cubicle.

6. Stila Just My Luck Palette
We'll admit that the bubblegum pink blush in this palette scared us at first. But if anyone can do pink, it's Stila. Inspired by teen queen Lindsay Lohan's look in the upcoming film Just My Luck, this new palette had us embracing all things pink. All you need is a small swipe of the blush on each cheekbone, which you can pair with the two eye shades and a dab of the matte lip gloss. If this doesn't make you feel as if your own luck will change, nothing will. Stila offers the palette in warmer shades, as well as the cooler ones shown here, so you can get the look no matter what your skin tone. Comes in a Swarovski-crystal-studded compact.

7. Lorac Pink Python Palette
This season's handbags are all about textured leather, so why shouldn't your makeup case be too? Lorac's limited-edition Pink Python Palette is beautiful inside and out. The snakeskin compact contains four eye colors (three neutral and one bright turquoise) and a pink blush, which work for both a day in the office and a night out with the girls. Make the transition easy by adding a hint of the shimmery turquoise color along your top lash line, and you're ready for anything the evening has to offer.