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Top 6 Online Crystal Necklaces

Crystals take center stage here, hugging your neck to add a touch of glitz. From subtle to bold, and fantastic for prom or any night on the town, these necklaces work to dress up your special occasion with a touch of glitter.

1) Crystal Necklaces Priced Up to $15

An assortment of pretty crystal necklaces in a very affordable price range. Don't look for 14K gold here, but unless you have allergies the metal shouldn't matter, because these necklaces are only worn occasionally. And that means it's less likely you'll wear away the coatings that cover the base metal underneath.

2) Crystal Necklaces from $15 to $25

This price range introduces necklaces with larger and more crystals--a little more glitz overall.

3) Crystal Necklaces from $25 to $50

More glitter, designer names, more intricacy, Swarovski crystals... all of those qualities begin to appear in this grouping of crystal necklaces. There are some really nice pieces here, so be sure to take a look.

4) Crystal Necklaces from $50 to $75

The addition of even more designer names dominates this grouping. You'll also start to see more semi-precious gemstones used in combination with the crystals.

5) Crystal Necklaces from $75 to $100

There's a little bit of everything here. I love the Aurora borealis crystals, called AB for short, because they pick up colors from their surroundings and bounce them back at you. This grouping includes AB crystal necklaces--and plenty of other styles if that doesn't suit you.

6) Crystal Necklaces Over $100

Think "massive" here. Many necklaces are combinations of crystals and rhinestones, so the glitz is superb. Some of the crystal necklaces here are very large and somewhat overpowering--definitely not for us shorties, but others are very graceful--almost fluid-like in appearance. It's a broad mixture.


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