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Best Places To Stay: The Water Club, San Juan

As you approach its doors, it is apparent that you are about to enter a truly special place – it is The Water Club. Moving through the entrance of intricately carved glass doors, past waterfalls on every floor, in every elevator, to soft blue-lit rooms, the sound of gently breaking waves punctuates each step down the corridors.

A refreshing splash from traditional resorts, The Water Club, located in Isla Verde on the eastern side of the San Juan, offers seriously serene decor (the rooms are bathed in a soft ocean blue light) and soothing oases (each floor houses its own waterfall.) The building absolutely drinks in the surrounding ocean, creating a relaxing, stylish atmosphere for its fashionable guests.

Business-friendly yet vacation-ready, city-smart and by the sea: The Water Club is a boutique-style beach hotel for the modern traveler seeking luxury accommodations in San Juan . Considered by most to be the best boutique hotel in San Juan, The Water Club brings a unique level of comfort to business and leisure travelers in a sophisticated, boutique-style setting. It faces one of San Juan ’s finest beaches, palm-lined, with endless white sand along the tropical Atlantic Ocean . Regarded as San Juan 's ultra-hip beachfront boutique hotel , it is just steps from chic shops and trend-setting restaurants.

At The Water Club, guest rooms and suites are luxuriously appointed and specifically designed to enable guests to both work and relax in the comfort of their own rooms. From premier technology to the finest amenities, The Water Club creates a world of luxury and service that’s hard to replicate. Custom designed for workweek efficiency and restful ease, The Water Club's imaginative rooms and suites with dramatic ocean views--combine a cosmopolitan approach and coastal atmosphere to comfort business nomads and leisure seekers alike. Theatrical lighting brings the outdoors indoors; elevators have waterfalls (behind glass); corridor sounds are gentle surf.

Outfitted for luxurious escape, but equipped for staying in touch, the hotel's superb accommodations include custom beds with down comforters and pillows, plus up-to-the-moment electronics including high-speed Internet access, Complimentary WIFI Access, cordless two-line phones, DVD/CD players and large telescopes for star-gazing in suites. In the guestrooms at night, the subtle blue lighting creates a peaceful yet seductive mood to rest and relax by - the perfect ending to a full day of play.

The hotel's rooftop is home to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a tented fitness facility, and a special massage treatment room overlooking the ocean. The hotel's roof is also home to the Caribbean 's only rooftop fireplace at the Wet Bar - San Juan 's most fashionable hangout for the well-traveled set. As San Juan 's trend-setter hangout and a mecca for celebrities, Wet offers dazzling views of ocean and city. Day and night, Wet entices guests with the best sushi bar on the island, the panorama of San Juan 's most dazzling views- the curved beaches of the coastline, the vast expanse of the Atlantic and the buildings of the capital city. Savor a drink on the rooftop gardens, or dance away at Liquid, the on-site party spot. The Water Club's award winning restaurant, Tangerine, specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine.

The Water Club boasts an excellent location, friendly service, a fresh ambience and luxury rooms. It’s no wonder it is a magnet for celebrities like Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, No Doubt, Denzel Washington, Pamela Anderson, Sammy Sosa and Derek Jeter.

For more information about The Water Club, visit