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Top 5 Steps to Job Satisfaction

Your alarm clock’s screaming. You groan and smack the snooze button three times, wasting a half hour before actually getting out of bed to start your day. Wouldn’t it be nice to not dread going to work? Check out these five steps outlined . You’ll be so hyped up to get to work that you might run out of the house with your Snoopy slippers still on. Click here to find your dream job today.

Search Jobs on CareerBuilder.com1) HAVE A GAME PLAN
Take time to assess your life and figure out what your goals are. Take an hour each week to ask yourself questions like these:

• What small change at work would make the biggest difference in my life right now?
• Am I in a job that I love and that utilizes my talents? • If not, what’s stopping me from pursuing that job?
• What are my one-, five- and ten-year career/life goals?
• What actions do I need to take to achieve those goals?


Move away from negative thoughts and push toward positive ones. Pinpoint your habitual negative thinking patterns and learn how to ask yourself different questions to provoke more empowering responses. “A great way to ask a question when facing a challenge or problem is to restate the problem with a, ‘How can I…?’ question,” Michael says. “So, you shift the problem of ‘There’s no way I can finish this project by Friday’ to ‘How can I finish this project by Friday?’”


It might seem that working straight through the day would make that pile on your desk smaller. Actually, the opposite is true. Research shows that taking small breaks every two hours increases productivity. “Rest doesn’t take time; it gives you time,” Michael explains. So, don’t hesitate to schedule one or two 15-minute breaks into your workday.

If you’re bored at work, do something exciting and challenging. This could mean taking on a new project, connecting with a co-worker, finding a mentor at work or simply saying “No.” Michael says you should make a commitment to “get out of your comfort zone” at least once a week to “shake things up a bit and get the satisfaction juices pumping again.”

Don’t just “do your job”; go beyond what’s expected of you and show off your talents. “Get creative! Get outrageous! Recreate your identity at your firm to be ‘bigger’ than the title you now hold,” Michael advises. “Choose to ‘think outside of the box’ and the result will likely be increased passion and fulfillment … and maybe even your ‘dream’ job.”  •

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