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Home Section

With a little imagination and creativity--and without hiring a professional--almost anyone can transform a small living space into a comfortable and stylish environment. Whether decorating a dorm room, an apartment, or a little cottage, what we strive for is a look and feel that expresses our individual personalities. Part style guide, part idea sourcebook, this handy volume--designed to meet the needs of real people with real budgets--is packed with smart ideas, basic design principles, and enough inspiration to get you off the sofa to make it happen.

A fresh look doesn't require all new furnishings and accessories. People are eager for different ways to use what they have. The articles below are filled with room-by-room suggestions on how to use your own style to create comfortable, welcoming spaces.

Give any room in the house an instant dose of colorful charm with ideas from the articles below. These articles offer fabulous and functional ideas including furniture slipcovers, cheerful pillows, and an antique tilting mirror, all with the unique appeal of popular designs. Learn to use decorative painting, decoupage, and signature fabrics for projects that will transform your bedroom, a kitchen, a sunroom, and more.

Check here to review the latest articles and top ideas from the current season.

Featured Articles:

Room Makeover – Painting (Part 1)