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Fashion Trends

Fashion designers greet the spring season with colorful, fanciful garments that beckon warm weather and tropical breezes. Styles ranged from halter-top pant ensembles to dresses with one shoulder or spaghetti straps. Also popular on the runways were corset-tops and variations of the bra-top. French designers seemed to prefer lace, chiffon and silk prints with tropical designs, and they embellished fabrics with beads, embroidery and ruffles. Throughout the various collections were brilliant colors such as bold red, bright yellow and vibrant purple and fuchsia. Whether your destination is a spring gala or a tropical island, the spring fashions from Paris will inspire you to infuse your wardrobe with pretty, breezy and colorful attire.

For spring and summer 2004, designers offered fashions that show off the feminine form while providing a whimsical flair. As is fitting for the warm-weather season, plenty of skin was bared by halter tops, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder garments, which often were bright and colorful. Chiffon continued to be a favorite as it was shown as halters, over blouses, and as underlays and overlays for pants and skirts. Sequins, beads, fringe and feathers effectively embellished tops and skirts that varied in length from thigh-high to the knee. Also seen on the runways for spring and summer were flattering abstract patterns that added pizzazz to evening gowns, short dresses and short-shorts ensembles.

Even though colorful spring flowers accented many dresses and ensembles, solid blues and greens were muted with gray, which gives a colorful haze to many spring fabrics. Some of this might sound a little color bland, but there was an intrigue that whetted the fashion appetite with freshness.

Check here to review the latest trends and top fashion picks from the current season.

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